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What is new in our region?


We gather information from our local offices when any important event is happening that will affect the Relocation or immigration process. News from our regions delivered at the right time!

Argentina - Online Visa Applications

In order to reduce the processing time of visa applications, the National Immigration Office will make available a website that will allow to initiate the visa application process online. 

The Immigration Office is analyzing the possibility that in the initial stage the applicants may be able to upload digital copies of the required documentation  on its portal and to provide biometric data. The process will then be concluded in person.

Although this measure is expected to take effect as of September, 2018, there have not yet been official announcements by the National Immigration Office. CSM will provide an update on this measure in the coming days.

Chile – New categories of temporary residence visas to be introduced 

National Orientation Visa:
This visa will be granted to every professional who has fully completed any kind of postgraduate program in Chile and it has the intention to live and work in the country (applications must be send it before July 31st of 2019 in Chile).
International Orientation Visa:
This visa will be granted to every professional who has obtained a postgraduate degree in any of the 150 best institutions under-area OCDE used by the program “Becas Chile” (applications must be submitted to the Chilean consulate before July 31st of 2019).
Opportunities Temporary Visa:
This visa will be granted to every person that can provide a valid skill certificate, (professional or technical degrees as well). The foreign national can apply for this visa type as a worker or as entrepreneur. In order to be eligible for this visa a ranking will be made based on the applicant’s education, language, occupation and territory (applications must be submitted to the Chilean consulate before November 30th of 2019).

United States – USCIS Extends and Expands Suspension of Premium Processing for H-1B Petitions to Reduce Delays

USCIS is extending the previously announced temporary suspension of premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions and, beginning September 11, 2018, will be expanding this temporary suspension to include certain additional H-1B petitions. The suspensions are expected to last until February 19, 2019.

While H-1B premium processing is suspended, USCIS will reject any Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service filed with an affected Form I-129, Petition for a Non-immigrant Worker. The expanded temporary suspension applies to all H-1B petitions filed at the Vermont and California Service Centers. USCIS will continue premium processing of Form I-129 H-1B petitions that are not currently suspended if the petitioner properly filed an associated Form I-907 before September 11, 2018.