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Excellent service!


Destination Services


  • Area Orientation and Home finding | To provide the employee with assistance to find the right home that fits the family’s lifestyle.

  • Settling-in Assistance | Personal attention in the host country to provide the family with in-depth counseling and information about their new environment.

  • Furniture Rental | To provide every furniture or household item your employees need to get settled into their new home.

  • Temporary Living Accommodation | To find a suitable Temporary living accommodation for the transferee family prior to their definitely move in any city.

  • Departure Program | Assistance in the termination of the leases on behalf of the Company or employee.

  • Among other services| Moving and household goods delivery coordination; Property management; School research; Extended service programs, etc.

Immigration Services


  • Legal advice | A successful transfer will depend on good advisory services, either in the country of origin, as in the country of destination.

  • Face to face service | Our personnel is present and in contact with the legal entities entitled to process Work Permits, Visas, I.D. cards, and Driver’s Licenses for our clients.

  • Visa/ Work permit applications | Processes for foreign and national employees. We work directly with the employee and the company to gather and expedite the issuance of the required documents.

  • Visa Renewal | Annual renovation by providing the Company a database ensuring the employee’s in law status in the country.

  • Among other services | Passport Obtainment/Renewal; Documents Legalization; a Country ID or Social security; Apostilles; Document Translation, etc.

Our Strategy

GoLocal develops strategic alliances with our partners in order to offer comprehensive and first-class Destination and Immigration services.

With experience managing multinational accounts for Fortune 100 companies in Latin America we have comprehensive knowledge to support our client’s needs in the region.

Customer Service

We provide high customer service standards, technical capability, regional and geographic cultural knowledge, and multilingual skills. 


We consider this an essential element to our success that ensures the quality of service required to meet our client’s expectations.

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